Motor Movers

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Reich Motor Movers

Official supplier, installer and service engineers of Reich Motor Movers. Models Include: Easydriver Pro and Easydriver Basic and are available for single axle and double axle caravans.

  • Reich motor movers are covered by a 5 year warranty.

  • Powerful drive for any application

  • Intuitive Easydriver operation (even under difficult conditions and on steep slopes)

  • App-controller for control by smartphone (Apple iOS and Android

  • Light, smart and compact design

  • Low system weight up to 27kg less than other manufacturers

  • Engages electrically at the push of a button

  • Low profile resulting in minimal loss of ground clearance

Quattro Motor Movers

The Quattro motor mover range offers incredible power being able to move caravans up to 2500kg! This is whilst being amazingly lightweight allowing you to use your precious payload on things that matter to you. 


They're also easy and fast to install and can fit onto both single and twin axle caravans. There's always an option to retro-fit upgrade your mover system too meaning that you can go from a twin to all wheel drive system offering you future proof value from your moving system. 


This is all backed up by an industry leading 7 year warranty and 5 star customer feedback giving you a product that you can honestly trust and believe in.


Motor Mover Repairs

In addition to supplying and installing industry leading  motor movers we can also service, repair and replace all makes of single axle and twin axle motor movers.

If you have any queries with regards to a new installation or the service or repair of your existing motor mover please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.