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Chassis Service

Items Covered

Chassis and Running Gear

This includes checking:

  • Coupling head and safety catch for wear and lubricate if required.

  • Check and clean pads on ball acting stabiliser.

  • Condition and routing of breakaway cable and clip.

  • Operation of overrun piston and lubricate.

  • Operation of jockey wheel and lubricate.

  • Operation of handbrake and lubricate.

  • Brake rods, cables and supports.

  • Remove wheels and check tyres for wear, damage, age and pressure.

  • Remove brake drums check bearings, seals and linings. Clean and lubricate.

  • Replace drum with new split pin or one shot nut and torque as required.

  • Adjust brakes at drum and check free play in the linkage and at handbrake.

  • Replace road wheels and torque wheel nuts / bolts to manufacturers settings.

  • Condition and security of chassis and attachment to body.

  • Operation of suspension assemblies.

  • Corner steadies operation and lubricate.

  • Spare wheel carrier and folding step for operation and lubricate.

Towing Electrics

This includes checking:

  • Condition of 12N and 12S or 13pin plugs and cables.

  • Condition and operation of road lights and reflectors.

  • Condition of wiring, sockets and fuses.

  • Functions of 12S system (charging, fridge, lights etc).

  • Operation of battery charger.

  • Condition of battery & containment.



This includes checking:

  • Age and condition.

  • Tread depth (mm).

  • Pressure (PSI).

  • Torque Settings.